Tasks and Objectives

For an international cable manufacturer, the existing Exchange infrastructure at the German location should be set up highly available. This involves both the conceptual design and subsequent implementation of the new clustered Exchange environment.

By using a load balancing solution for the client access servers and a database availability group in the backend area, the availability of email services could be significantly increased.

System Environment

Exchange 2013, Outlook 2010, SAP, business applications, approx. 400 mailboxes, CTI connection, ActiveSync smartphones

Fast Lane Services and Solution

  • Analysis of the initial situation
    • Active Directory Domains and Locations
    • Existing global Exchange infrastructure
    • Worldwide mail flow
  • Conceptual design of the target solution
    • Sizing
    • Load balancing
    • Storage
    • Database design
    • Client connection
    • Interfaces to other server systems
  • Installation of the new systems and LoadBalancer
  • Test operation (migration of first mailboxes)
  • overall migration
  • Final function tests and successful implementation of the new high-availability Exchange solution