Tasks and Objectives

An online gambling company has approached us after their main football betting website has been taken offline in a Denial of Service attack on a Saturday afternoon. They have been blackmailed for a while to pay ransom to Eastern Europe but didn’t comply with the demand. They have involved local law enforcement but as often, law enforcement is facing boundaries in jurisdiction due to the global nature of the Internet. We were consulted in to look what sort of DDoS attack has been carried out.

Fast Lane Services and Solution

Upon investigation we quickly found that the patterns matched a paid-DDoS service which is available on the dark web for as little as $100 USD / Hour. We have performed some DDoS and Stress testing exercises for the client thereafter and were the able to advice on numerous solutions (both Cloud based DDoS and Appliance based DDoS prevention). Since the solution has been deployed numerous attempts by hacking groups have been made to blackmail the client again, but the new infrastructure can now easily cope with excess traffic and continue to be operational even during an attack. 


Online Gambling