Tasks and Objectives

The entire network infrastructure of an employers' liability insurance association, which is a customer of COMLINE AG, is to be renewed at 13 locations throughout Germany. COMLINE has tasked Fast Lane with the modernisation project, as well as with the support, administration and configuration of the new infrastructure. The focus was on the migration to the latest Cisco network technologies and the replacement of older network devices with current, new ones. The network was to be adapted to new requirements and extended in terms of new buildings, employees and objectives. New software solutions such as Cisco Prime Infrastructure complement the network infrastructure. Fast Lane also serves customers of the professional association who outsource their network to the cooperative.

Fast Lane Services and Solution

  • Migration of the Hamburg data center to Cisco Nexus Data Center Design
    In the Hamburg Service Area, the existing infrastructure was to be converted to the Cisco Nexus Data Center Design in order to optimize services for the numerous data center customers. For improved performance, availability and scalability, the existing Cisco Catalyst core switches have been replaced by Nexus 6000 core switches and installed and configured in the virtual port channel (VPC) network.
  • Cisco Catalyst 3650 Distribution/Access Switches in Converged Access Mode (Campus Design)
    In the head office, the existing Cisco distribution/access switches should be replaced with current devices in the campus LAN design. A total of around 100 Cisco Catalyst 3560 switches in the Converged Access Design have been installed and configured at the headquarter for this purpose.
  • Cisco 2800 Series Routers for redundant connection to the WAN
    For each of the 13 district administrations, the older routers have been replaced by two Cisco 2800 Series Integrated Services Routers. Via the new routers, VPNs and the general connection of district offices are implemented via the WAN.
  • Cisco Catalyst 4500-X as Core Switches for the Headquarter in the VSS Group
    Due to a forthcoming move of the data center, the core switches in the head office were replaced. Fast Lane has installed and configured new Cisco Catalyst 4500-X switches in the Virtual Switching System group. In addition to improved reliability and scalability, the new solution offers future-proofness with a total of 64 x 10 G uplinks to the storey switches.
  • Installation and Configuration of a new Wireless LAN Solution
    In the head office, both an internal WLAN for the employees and a customer WLAN were to be offered. As the wireless networks were to be offered at all locations throughout Germany in the future, two Cisco 5700 Series Wireless LAN controllers were installed and configured in the Converged Access Design according to Cisco Unified Access Technology for this scenario. Cisco Aironet 3700 Series Access Points have been installed and configured at 12 sites in Converged Access Mode.
  • Cisco ASA 5555-X Next-Generation Firewalls
    Cisco ASA 5555-X firewalls have been installed and configured in the data center for the security and VPN connectivity of the Hamburg Service Area. VPNs, IPS and normal firewall activities are handled via the new firewalls.
  • Cisco Catalyst 3560-CG Switches
    In order to provide office and conference rooms with sufficient ports, a total of 80 Cisco Catalyst 3560-CG switches with 8 ports were installed in the district administration and all district offices and connected redundantly to the distribution switches.
  • Cisco Router 3945-E for WAN Connectivity with over 300 Mbit
    For redundancy reasons, two Cisco 3945-E Integrated Services Routers have been installed and configured for high-performance connection of the head office to the WAN.
  • Cisco Prime Infrastructure
    Fast Lane has installed and configured Cisco Prime Infrastructure to maintain, configure and monitor the entire convergent network across its operations throughout Germany. The new software provides the ability to monitor and test all network devices in real time, as well as to configure them if necessary.
  • Second and Third Level Support
    Fast Lane was also commissioned to provide second and third level support on network issues and in the event of problems for all sites of the employers' liability insurance association.






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