„Thanks to the competent support of Fast Lane, we are now sure that our IT systems are effectively protected against criminal attacks. We thank Fast Lane for the excellent and trustful cooperation!“

Peter Herrmann, IT Manager Logata Digital Solutions

Tasks and Objectives

Logata Digital Solutions, an expert in the field of digitalization and industry 4.0,  commissioned Fast Lane for a comprehensive analysis of the security of its IT systems. The requirements were as follows:  That the safety should be examined by experienced pentesters with appropriate certifications in close coordination with Logata according to international standards. In addition to automatic scans, the penetration tests should also use manual, highly specialized attack techniques to ensure that vulnerabilities not found by the scan tools can also be localized. The subsequent test report should enable Logata to close potential vulnerabilities in its systems.

Fast Lane Services and Solution

One of our experienced, OSCP- and OSCE-certified penetration testers performed all tests agreed upon with Logata according to the international standards OWASP (Web), LPT, CREST and ISO 27001, including:

  • Identification of the systems to be investigated and definition of the test procedure
  • Analysis of weak points at 11 external measuring points (external systems accessible from the Internet)
  • Vulnerability analysis at 5 external measuring points (Web applications)
  • Analysis of weak points at 18 internal measuring points (internal systems)
  • Penetration test against the external firewall
  • Preparation of a comprehensive report including a management summary, detailed description of the weak points, risk assessment and prioritization as well as measures for vulnerability remediation


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About Logata Digital Solutions

Logata Digital Solutions is a subsidiary of LB GmbH (Löhr Beteiligung) and holds the IT division of the consolidated companies. Founded in 1997, Logata is one of the leading system houses in the field of digitalization and Internet of Things. The company is deeply engaged in various solutions in the area of IT, automation and logistics.