Tasks and Objectives

A real estate company from Mexico contacted us because they found that all their discussions in the meeting room were immediately known by former employees, who now work at the competition. 

Fast Lane Services and Solution

We have performed a full-scale penetration test against both internal and external systems and have found some medium severity vulnerabilities. However the forensic analysis didn’t give any evidence of a classical IT breach, so we have decided to perform a full physical security and social engineering audit onsite.

The physical security was weak to non-existent and employees were not suspicious of outsiders and happily letting people tailgate into the building and offices. We have then performed a bug sweep with a counter-surveillance bug finder, which detects hidden surveillance equipment such as spy cameras, microphones etc. In the meeting room we were able to find a hidden wall clock camera as well as two highly sensitive wireless microphones hidden in a plant and behind the white board. The CEO has written us a personal letter thanking us for giving them clarity.   


Real Estate