Tasks and Objectives

A recycling company from the UK contacted us, because for days their handheld wireless (2.4 GHz) scanners have stopped working and the business has almost come to a standstill.

Fast Lane Services and Solution

We have performed a Wireless site audit and immediately noticed that no wireless communication whatsoever was possible any longer. Not only did the wireless infrastructure stopped working, but also mobile phones had no signal and no calls could be placed. We have used some sophisticated tools to perform a spectrum analysis sweep and found that the whole wireless infrastructure is being jammed. We started conducting searches along with some of the employees and found a total of 8 strategically placed wireless hand-jammers.

They have been placed well-hidden and included full battery packs. We have removed those jammers and the client involved law enforcement. The client suspected a competitor behind it but as our job was done we are no longer in the loop. This is a prime example that if businesses rely on Wireless, physical security is a key. In this case someone obviously placed the jammers in the premises after hours and weak physical security allowed them to do so. Note: Although those Jammers are illegal for Sales in most western countries, they can be obtained online for as little as $250 USD from China or South America and clear customs without any problems.