Tasks and Objectives

Fast Lane was commissioned to carry out a WLAN site survey for a large hospital in Germany. The hospital is located in a historical old building with various extensions. The WLAN site survey was to be planned, measured and implemented throughout the whole area on a total of seven floors with very different needs from children's wards to intensive care units. The aim was to provide seamless and area-wide WLAN coverage at all stations, including stairwells and elevator cabs.

After the WLAN planning, site survey and implementation, the following objectives were achieved: 

  • Comprehensive wireless planning for data and VoIP
  • Survey of the stations with consideration of individual needs of the respective stations
  • Preparation of a site survey report
  • Creation of an installation manual
  • Comprehensive project documentation

Fast Lane Services and Solution

  • As-is analysis of the original WLAN environment
  • WLAN planning for a comprehensive infrastructure with AirMagnet Site Survey Software
  • Various meetings with different departments to gather information about existing policies and organizational structures
  • Test installation of Cisco access points in connection with telemetry devices and verification of the functionality of hospital applications in the WLAN environment.
  • Creation of a comprehensive report with installation and optimization suggestions