Tasks and Objectives

A robust and powerful WLAN and the corresponding infrastructure for up to 5,000 participants needed to be deployed for various congresses and trade fairs taking place in the CCH (Congress Center Hamburg).  A particular challenge was to provide the CCH with a unified WLAN,  taking into account the individual utilization of the various halls and smaller event rooms. In addition to the WLAN, the entire infrastructure including cabling, DHCP, DNS and routing was to be set up. In the event of a room change, participants needed to be able to seamlessly use the WLAN without having to re-register.

Fast Lane Services and Solution

From planning with the different organizers to on-site support, we provided all services from a single source. The WiFi infrastructure consisted of a gigabit backbone and, depending on the size of the event, up to 50 Aerohive Access Points. The central management of the access points made it possible to readjust the settings during the events to react to unexpected or changed user behaviour. In addition to the configuration adjustments, continuous monitoring of WiFi and Internet usage ensured that potential bottlenecks (e.g. more parallel users per area) could be detected quickly and reliably and reacted to accordingly by retrofitting further access points. For individual events, a first-level helpdesk was also set up to help visitors with connection problems. A robust DHCP server provided a smooth output of the requested connection information, even if, for example, several hundred devices logged on to the WiFi at the same time in the morning.