Moving your business forward requires a holistic approach to your customer's Cloud solution. And every unique customer demands a precise evaluation of its environment. Using the secure, high-performance and cost-effective Google Cloud Platform infrastructure enables them to plan well ahead.

As an authorized Google Cloud Partner, we support customers to analyze the actual benefits of Google Cloud Platform products in their own environments. We assist the customer primarily on Storage services, Computing and hosting services as well as on Network services.

Google Cloud Storage

Cloud storage has been a natural evolutionary choice for many in recent years, in terms of providing easier access from multiple locations, lowering maintenance and staffing costs, offering strong and straightforward security measures and minimising data loss. Google Cloud Storage provides a consistent API, latency, and speed across storage classes, with a variety of choices in order to maximise your business outcomes.

Our experts are ready to help you with archiving and uploading your data, assisting you with analysing, streaming or hosting services, as well as with getting your selected tools and applications up and running fast and safely. 

Google Cloud Computing

For the same known reasons of lowering costs and simplifying maintenance your company might be considering using the public cloud computing services through Google Cloud Platform, which provides a variety of hosted services to enable you to use cloud technology for computing, storage and application development.

Whether you need introduction or expertise in the world of containers and Kubernetes, assistance with planning and use of IaaS through Google Compute Engine, PaaS through App Engine, application development and integration services, or even big data or machine learning, our specialists are available to help you get the job done.   


In order to host and manage your services on a global level, Google Cloud services also includes software defined networks. If latency is important for you, Google networking services ensures the biggest throughput. 

Our Subject Matter Experts bring a high combined number of years’ experience working on Software Defined Networks, Load Balancing and Domain Name Services.  This is not only on Google Cloud, but also on other vendors (Cisco, Barracuda), and as a result, our SMEs will make sure you optimize your cloud network for both performance and price.

Mentored Install

A Mentored Install consists of one or more on-site design and deployment workshops including related knowledge transfer and additional mentoring once the workshops have been completed. The purpose of these workshops is to help you deploy cloud solutions with expert assistance in a controlled and mentored environment, thus optimizing your investment in technology, time to deploy and effectiveness of the implementation. 

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