Studies in academia have shown that when learning is totally self-driven and self-paced, the success rate is low. Success rates improve when a learner has the opportunity to interface, in real-time, with learner peers or an expert.

LaaS is an interactive, cloud-based education subscription that combines individual and collaborative learning. Learners progress at their own pace, and can access a variety of remote activities including a virtual lab or dedicated support from qualified experts. If you have a team and wish to accelerate the adoption of new technologies, Fast Lane’s LaaS service can be implemented and adapted to meet your specific business goals.

LaaS Options

Q&A Coaching: Learners can submit content related questions to SME.

1:1 Virtual Live Coaching: Learners can schedule 1:1 virtual sessions with SME.

Group Discussions: Learners can access (moderated) course/technology discussion group.

FAQ: Learners can access comprehensive course based FAQs to speed up time to answer.

Virtual Labs: Learners can access course complimentary learning labs (beyond standard lab).

Coaching Office Hours: Learners can attend weekly SME office hours.

LaaS Benefits

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