Digital Transformation, along with the evolution of learning styles, has created a need for a holistic approach to learning. Our digital learning platform Fast Lane LIVE is our scalable learning solution, as a total Learning-as-a-Service offering for our clients. Based on Open edX Fast Lane LIVE is a complete end-to-end cloud learning platform solution that provides users seamless access to a variety of e-learnings, virtual labs, group learning, online mentoring and other services - anywhere, anytime and any device.

A blending of service offerings can be tailored for teams and organizations to meet specific business goals!

Branded Portals

Provide your employees wirth a protected, branded learning campus that utilises our unique infrastructure.

Our learning platform can also be integrated into your environments. 

Individual Learning Catalogues and Content Development

As an authorized Learning Partner of many high-end technology companies we can offer you seamless access to a unique catalogue of hundreds of learning titles to meet your educational goals.

Our experts can also develop customized content covering key future technologies.

Learning Gap Analysis

Our knowledge gap analysis services can be used to assess the skill levels of your existing employees - find out what they know and grow their knowledge.

Specific learning tracks will be created for the learners so that they only take the training they need.


We can provide international E-Commerce capabilities and flexible payment services for you or your customers. 

Reporting and Analytics

Management can receive reporting to show precisely where each learner is within their personal learning journey so that action can be taken if needed to drive adoption and meet project timelines and goals. For all projects, we assign a Fast Lane Program Manager to work with the decision makers to ensure messaging, reporting and students are successful.

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