This is a service designed to help vendors, distributors, and system integrators to transform their approach of selling, designing and deploying solutions in the era of Digital Transformation.

We can help you building a solid Digital Transformation, Cyber Security, Collaboration or Cloud practice by coaching your teams, while at the same time helping you to sell and deploy complex multi-vendor solutions.

In order to get it right you need a holistic approach that addresses the following:

  • Hiring/Building/Adapting your sales, design and deployment teams
  • Supporting your teams with process and methodology
  • Training and enabling of teams
  • Management and optimization of your teams

Holistic Approach

Using our team’s hands-on experience with hundreds of customers in the technology sector, Fast Lane have created an approach focused on selling complex multi-vendor solutions that looks holistically at the sales organization in order to generate short and long-term results.  

Key aspects are:

  • Focus on co-creating value with your customer
  • Understanding your customer, their buying process and their maturity level
  • Building an adaptive mindset in your account team members
  • Enabling the whole accounts team: Sellers, Sales Managers, Sales Engineers, Solution Architects

Sales Transformation

Readiness Assessment

Based on our experience and extensive work in relevant technologies, verticals and sales enablement, we assess your capabilities against a model of a fully proficient sales team, and provide you a roadmap to build towards proficiency.  

Sales Enablement and Best Practices

Enabling your solutions requires communication strategies that are adaptive and align with your customer’s needs for growth, efficiency and innovation. Digital Transformation is a means for delivering outcomes for customers and workforce. We will work with you to ensure that you position and tailor solutions and services aligned with the needs of your customers.

Sales Process

We will define and support the implementation of a sales process that accelerates time to revenue and close rates by focusing on your competencies, solutions, and vision. We will provide a measurable means for growing relationships and deal size.  Fast Lane will provide the tools and information that make your top sellers successful by bringing their best practices into your Sales Process. We merge what is already successful for you with our industry best practices to form a collaborative and phased approach.

Customized Content

We have an extensive portfolio of field-tested content to support sales enablement, awareness and demand generation objectives in all areas relevant for enabling digital business. We can rapidly create unique content for you, based on your market, your sales process, and your value proposition. This includes:

  • Awareness Campaigns
  • Generation of demand
  • Horizontal and Vertical Selling Strategies focusing on Business Outcomes
    • Cyber Security, Cloud, Collaboration
    • Manufacturing, Retail, Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, Connected Transportation, Utilities, Oil & Gas, and more

Technical Skills Development

We boast decades of experience and thousands of subject matter experts who cover all relevant architectures, technologies, and products we can help you assessing and educating your entire workforce. Please refer to our Learning Services page for more details.