Today’s solutions tend not to be monolithic. They require the coordination of multiple partners coming together to provide all the required building blocks and services. To complicate matters further, assisting customers to achieve their desired business outcomes requires horizontal as well as vertical expertise and focus. 


If you are a vendor, a distributor, a system integrator or a service provider you will in all likelihood will have to choose to focus on a number of verticals and solution sets.

Challenges could be:

  • How does your solution fit into the current product and customer ecosystem?
  • What kinds of partners are best for what you offer and who are our best partners?
  • What does a marketing alliance or partnership look like?
  • What are the use cases that best highlight your solutions capabilities?
  • What standards will you align your solution towards and what is your participation in those organizations?
  • How will you train and support your sales and sales enablement teams beyond the typical speeds and feeds?

Our Services

We are here to support you during that phase by working with you to determine your focus areas as well as the ecosystem of partners required to come up with corresponding solutions. 

We offer:

  • Coaching and consulting on defining your solutions portfolio
  • Assessment criteria to formulate ecosystem partnerships
  • Coaching and consulting on defining your GTM strategy
  • Providing skills assessments tied to delivering on business outcomes
  • Competitive positioning and research and delivering that information to sales teams
  • Sales enablement strategy to focus on building the sales strengths to effectively position your solution/product and sell

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