Cloud technologies are a key element of Digital Transformation, but present a number of organizational and operational challenges for organizations. Next Generation Cloud Talent Academy graduates have the skills to design, install, configure, manage, and troubleshoot today’s complex cloud, data center & virtualization environments.

All of our talent academies use our proven recruiting, assessment, education and mentoring framework. A description of this framework can be found on the homepage for Next Generation Talent Academies.

For our Cloud academies we have designed a program that features various vendor-independent preparation modules until students are ready for Cloud specifics. Once all pre-requisites are met, students may select which vendor to focus on. Every vendor-specific track features an entry-level certification. Once this certification has been achieved, students may continue along one or more learning paths preparing them for various job roles. Let's look a little deeper. 

Cloud Talent Program Structure

Once candidates have passed the recruiting and selection process, the Next Generation Cloud Talent Academies all begin with a number of foundation modules and cloud fundamentals. After successfully completing these sections, candidates then move to their chosen vendor-specific track. 

Microsoft Track

AWS Track

Building Blocks

Foundation I

The program begins with various modules covering a number of fundamentals. Module selection depends on existing knowledge:

  • Network Fundamentals
  • Security Fundamentals
  • Operating Systems - Microsoft
  • Operating Systems- Linux
  • Programming - Java, C#, Python

Foundation II

Additional modules are provided covering required pre-requisite knowledge. Module selection depends on existing knowledge and desired job role

  • Databases / SQL
  • Big Data, Analytics
  • Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning  

Practical Exercises & Exam Preparation

Cloud certifications at the professional level are hard to achieve. Therefore we include a full week of practical exercises and exam preparation for every professional certification

Internships / Practical Work

Practical experience is key for applying acquired knowledge. The program is designed to include a number of (optional but highly recommended) internships after every major learning effort:

  • 4 weeks after reaching various foundation milestones  
    • Carefully selected work at future employer
    • Work is related to student’s current skills (acquired knowledge)
  • 12 weeks after achieving the first (entry level) Cloud certification

Ongoing guidance is provided throughout the duration of the internships by Fast Lane experts. In the last days of the internship, students summarize their work, prepare a presentation and present their work to the group.

Job Roles

 The Next Generation Cloud Talent Academies prepare candidates for a number of job roles, seen below.  


  • Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect
  • Microsoft Azure Developer
  • Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer
  • Microsoft Azure Security Engineer
  • Microsoft Azure Data Engineer
  • Microsoft Azure Data Scientist
  • Microsoft Azure AI Engineer


  • AWS Certified Cloud Architect
  • AWS Certified Big Data Specialist
  • AWS Certified Developer
  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer

Program Details: Grow as you go



How long does it take?

Candidates can choose to participate in the Standard program or E-Learning (for details on the various delivery options, visit the Next Generation Talent Programs homepage). The job role totals for education only (including all foundation modules) are as follows:


Job Role Standard Program (weeks) E-Learning (weeks)
Solutions Architect 15 24
Developer 14 23
Security Engineer 14 23
DevOps Engineer 14 23
Data Engineer 15 25
Data Scientist 15 25
AI Engineer 16 27



Job Role Standard Program (weeks) E-Learning (weeks)
Architect 14 25
Developer 14 25
SysOps Administrator 14 25
DevOps Engineer 16 27
Big Data Specialist 18 33

Important note: These listed durations do not include breaks, recruiting, or internships. 

Join and shape the future with us.

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