Our services will help you define your Cloud direction, build your implementation roadmap, enable business transformation through a targeted delivery model and determine the best business case for maximum value. 

Cloud Strategies Workshop

The objective of this workshop is to level-set “cloud” by reviewing topics like cloud definition, architectures, technologies, deployment models, market and main players, standardization as well as risks and security aspects. Another further objective is to illustrate how organizations can improve service delivery, automate and orchestrate processes and leverage cloud computing resources to deliver value to their users.

Additionally, the workshop provides insights on skills, processes, and technologies that are relevant when considering moving to a Cloud-based model.

Depending on the audience, this workshop can be integrated into our Cloud Innovation/Ideation Workshop or can be consumed as a standalone event. 

Cloud Innovation / Ideation Workshop

To develop an architectural and technical strategy, we suggest conducting an innovation/ideation workshop where we invite your technology and business leaders to come together and discuss desired business outcomes, identify challenges, outline opportunities, and share ideas about strategies and architectures.

This workshop usually lasts one day. Our facilitators apply various techniques like group discussions, individual work, team activities, conversation mapping, visual modeling, and group presentations. All activities are designed to generate new ideas as well as to identify those with the highest impact. We will end with complete post-processing activities to document all data and visual artifacts generated during the workshop, summarize all generated ideas and recommend next steps. The results of this workshop may lead to another workshop in case some topics (ideas) need further examination or to a more detailed business outcomes workshop developing concrete solutions.

Business Outcomes Workshop

While an Innovation / Ideation Workshop delivers insights, this workshop delivers proposed architectures and solutions aligned with previously identified ideas and desired business outcomes. By employing a business canvas model approach, this workshop allows Fast Lane to model use cases based on your specific business needs and to create rapid prototyping proposal for one or more solutions meeting your requirements. The workshop will identify your current pain points, deliver a customized roadmap with concrete next steps and a detailed outline of resources needed to build your digital business architecture. The workshop also supports the creation of a business case, ROI and value analysis of the proposed solutions.

Cloud Strategy and Architecture Consulting

This service can be part of a Business Outcomes Workshop or consumed as a standalone consulting service. We build on the outcome of one or more innovation workshops to work with your teams to develop your strategy with regards to technologies, architectures and solutions. This includes a review of your existing approach as well as the development of a comprehensive architecture for your entire organization. In addition, we will determine the value of integrating legacy assets, identify potential issues and suggest the best approach to minimize risk. 

Cloud Solution Design

This service provides a conceptual design of one or more proposed solutions which outlines estimated costs, benefits and risks. Once the preferred solution has been selected, we will also provide a detailed design including implementation and migration scenarios.