When examining your current as well as desired security architecture, our advisory services will help you to reach decisions faster and with greater confidence.

Our services will help you to:

- Develop an architectural and technical strategy
- Develop a roadmap to help close identified gaps
- Communicate your strategy and roadmap to stakeholders
- Define roles and responsibilities
- Measure the impact of deployed solutions and processes

Cyber Security Strategies Workshop

The objective of this workshop is to level-set the understanding of key elements of cyber security like security risks, threat scenarios, policies and procedures, incident response, governance, and compliance. Another further objective is to begin reviewing your organization's cyber security readiness in terms of existing policies, processes and more.

Additionally, this workshop provides insights on skills, processes and technologies that are relevant when establishing, reviewing or improving cyber security architectures and policies. This workshop can be integrated into our Cyber Security Architecture Workshop or can be consumed as a standalone event.

Cyber Security Architecture Workshop

Once a joint understanding of key elements has been achieved - for example by attending our Cyber Security Strategies Workshop - we suggest that you invite your technology and business leaders to come together and have a much more detailed discussion about desired strategies and architectures, and policies and processes.

Our facilitators will apply various techniques like group discussions, individual work, team activities, conversation mapping, visual modeling, and group presentations. All activities are designed to establish consensus about the current situation as well as desired architectures, policies and outcomes.

Once this has been achieved, our facilitators will work with the group to outline proposed architectures and solutions aligned with identified threat scenarios and desired business outcomes. The workshop will identify your current pain points, deliver a customized roadmap with concrete next steps and a detailed outline of resources needed to build your security architecture, governance and policies. 

Strategy and Architecture Consulting

This service can be part of an architecture workshop or consumed as a standalone consulting service. We work with your teams to develop your strategy with regards to technologies, architectures and solutions meeting your business requirements. This includes a review of your existing approach as well as the development of a comprehensive architecture for your entire organization.

Security Governance and Policies

IT governance is the process of establishing and maintaining a framework to provide assurance that information security strategies are aligned with and support business objectives, while also being consistent with applicable laws and regulations through adherence to policies and internal controls, and provide assignment of responsibility, all in an effort to manage risk.

Our experts can help your organization to establish such a framework and come up with appropriate policies to protect critical assets and contain and remediate the impact of a potential attack.