Our Cyber Intelligence reports are not comparable with classical technical cyber threat feeds or standard security advisories. Our Cyber Intelligence analysts gather intelligence which is of concern to the client’s business interests and provide comprehensive reports. 

Why Cyber Intelligence?

  • Has your business been hacked and sensitive information has been disclosed?
  • Have you unintentionally disclosed confidential information online?
  • Are Hackers talking about your business and potential attacks your company?
  • Are any exploits available, which could breach your security?
  • Are any industry specific threats concerning your business?

Benefits of our Cyber Intelligence Services 

  • Receive first class intelligence around your business interests
  • One-time off or recurring services
  • Be aware of risks before they turn into serious problems
  • Clear Web, Deep Web and Dark Web intelligence analysis
  • Law enforcement grade reports and evidence, which are admissible in court

Cyber Intelligence for Businesses

We offer an intelligence service to companies by proactively monitoring and reporting activity that concerns our clients. We turn all intelligence into an informational product that is delivered to the client.

We gather intelligence through the following methods:

  •  Technical cyber feeds including botnets, attack sources, malware, trends
  •  Observation and monitoring of underground hacking groups/chat rooms
  •  Monitoring information on the Dark/Deep Web
  •  Activity monitoring on social media concerning client’s interests
  •  Intentional and unintentional client information disclosure online
  •  Information gathering on groups/individual posing a potential risk

When we encounter imminent threats, we inform the customer immediately. All intelligence reports contain recommendations on how to mitigate threats encountered and provide detailed information on threat sources for potential legal action and law enforcement involvement against the threatening individual(s)/group(s).

Example Threats we report on 
  • Confidential and secret information hacked and leaked by criminals on the Dark Web such as usernames, passwords, logins, SQL database dumps, confidential documents and more.
  • Hacking groups discussing attacks or potential attacks against our clients
  • Misconduct and information disclosure by disgruntled employees or ex-employees.
  • Reputational damage done to our client’s interests
  • Anything else concerning security around client’s interests

Cyber Intelligence Targeting Individuals

We use our extensive Cyber knowledge, extensive network and sophisticated tools to investigate, correlate and report information. Our investigation services are offered on a global scale in most languages. We have recognized the increased reliance on computer and other electronic devices and understand the value of capturing a digital footprint when conducting any form of investigation.

Our services can contain any of the following:

  • Tracking, locating individuals and missing person cases
  • IP address/email tracing/domain ownership investigations
  • Intellectual Property and Brand Protection investigations
  • Locating witnesses and defendants
  • Background Checks of any kind including social media investigations
  • Criminal Record investigations & credit investigations
  • Online scams (dating, romance, marriage fraud etc.)
  • ID Theft investigations
  • Identity Verification and Surveillance
  • Online reputation management/defamation/harassment investigations
  • Internet and Forensic Investigations
  • Pretext inquiries and covert undercover investigations

Sample Cases
  • Identifying radicalized individuals working at company X
  • Identifying person and location of a criminal selling stolen goods online
  • Numerous background checks on potential investors and business partners
  • Identifying whereabouts of husband refusing to pay childcare support
  • Identifying a stalker making death threats online to a specific individual
  • OSINT evidence of an employee doing harm to the company he worked for

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