Most cyber attack victims learn about their attack from outside sources and not from internal security teams. This can mean that attackers have been exploiting your systems for a long time without being detected. The consequence of such attacks is becoming more and more severe as attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated. The impact of an attack depends on the ability of an organization to respond and their means to contain and remediate a breach.

Organizations should be aware that because of the increasing sophistication of attacks, incident response is also becoming more and more challenging.

We offer the detailed examination of incidents including a detailed report answering the three major questions of who, what and when. Our experts examine the impact of an existing attack and collect all sorts of data and evidences to analyze and document what data and/or systems have been compromised. This includes research on how hackers have entered your system(s) in order to understand the weak points and prevent future incidents.

We will:

- Collect evidence and secure all relevant information
- Examine all undesirable network activity  
- Analyze collected intelligence to define actionable responses 

When analyzing a given incident, our experts can also suggest how to respond to potential future attacks by developing a proper response strategy.