A penetration test is a method of evaluating computer and network security by simulating an attack on a computer system or network from external and internal threats - the same tools, know-how and methodologies that are being used, as malicious hackers would employ them.

Why should you get regular Penetration Tests?

  • What would happen if a hacker would steal your digital assets? 
  • What legal consequences and lawsuits would a security breach have for you?
  • What financial implications would you face if your IT systems are taken down?
  • What reputational damage would a successful hack pose to your business? 
  • Did you know that 90% of all deployed IT systems have vulnerabilities?

Penetration Testing Services

Full Black Box Assault Testing

Black-Box testing means that the tester has no information about the IT infrastructure to be tested. This means the tester acts like a real hacker so any vulnerability the tester finds will be like a real-world hack. Our service fully analyzes the security of information systems using multiples techniques including social engineering with the goal of discovering any weaknesses that could potentially affect your organization. This service will perform tests on IT systems, humans (social engineering) and physical security (building security, data center security etc.)

Network Penetration Testing

This is a security testing service that focuses on locating flaws in your networks, infrastructure and overall architecture (i.e. server services, operating systems and other networking components).

IoT Penetration Testing

This service is similar to network penetration testing but is much more complex as it has to consider all the components of an IoT architecture. We perform a thorough security assessment  that considers all the layers of IoT including embedded devices, wireless communication, IoT specific architectures, operating systems, applications and communication protocols.

Web Application Penetration Testing

This service examines your web applications, where 70% of all technical attacks occur. It analyzes them from a coding and implementation flaw perspective, but also looks at other issues like SQL injection and cross-site-scripting (XSS), involving active exploitation of vulnerabilities in order to gain access.

Wireless Penetration Testing

This service covers all threat vectors of wireless networks. Our audits contain attempts to crack wireless encryption and authentication mechanisms, include the setup of rogue access points along with test phishing portals, a variety of man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks, denial of service testing and Bluetooth security tests.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

This service covers all threat vectors concerning mobile applications. The audits contain application runtime analysis, traffic & encryption flaws, insecure storage, code signing, memory protections, fuzzing and exploitation.

Cloud Penetration Testing

This service helps to validate whether your cloud deployment is secure and will provide you actionable remediation information if it is not. The service conducts pro-active, real-world security tests using the same techniques employed by attackers seeking to breach your cloud-based systems and applications.

DoS & DDoS Testing

Whether you need to conduct a simulated distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) or cyber warfare testing, our team performs extreme-scale load and performance testing on your website or application services.

Social Engineering

There is no point implementing superb digital architecture if your human components are untrained. We can maximise the ability of your staff to avoid making the mistakes that let hackers in.