The purpose of a Black Box Penetration Test is to fully analyze the security of information systems by using multiples techniques, custom attacks, finding new attack vectors and use social engineering techniques to discover any weaknesses that affect the organization. All company assets could be potential targets since the main idea here is to simulate an attack like real hackers would attack a target. We will perform tests on IT systems, humans (social engineering) and physical security (building security, data center security etc.).

Test Scope

The Black Box Testing Scope may include all or most of the following techniques/services:

  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Penetration Tests
  • Web Application Penetration Tests
  • Use of online (computer based) social engineering
  • Creation of phishing sites
  • Client side attacks
  • Use of controlled Malware / Backdoor Testing
  • War Dialing / PABX Attacks
  • Any other required in order to accomplish defined objectives

Test Methodology

The Assault Testing is a complete Black Box test, so the client does not provide any information about their infrastructure. The customer may provide no more than a URL or even just the company name. This service is adaptive in nature and always delivered through a tiger team, a group of professionals, having different skillsets across all Security domains.

Test Procedure

  1. Objective requirements and definitions
  2. Test executions
  3. Reporting

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