A Wireless Security Audit is a method of evaluating all Wifi or Bluetooth Security aspects of networks by simulating attacks against authentication, encryption or becoming a „man-in-the-middle“ attacker. The same tools, know-how and methodologies are being used as malicious hackers would employ.  The difference to a real attack is the fact, that testing is done with the explicit written consent of the client and the purpose is to produce a comprehensive report and to close down security holes, before a real attacker can exploit them. 

We have managed to break into 90% of our customer systems through Wireless. Wifi is used in almost any business and can open all doors to attackers, because Wireless Networks expose the company network beyond its premises and an attacker may be hundreds of yards away!

Why Wireless Security Audits?

  • What would happen, if sensitive and critical data would be stolen by a competitor
  • What would be the legal consequences if your customer data would be stolen
  • What would be the financial impact of an hour network downtime due to an attack
  • Have you already fallen victim to an attack (knowingly or unknowingly)?

Who should get a Wireless Security Audit?

  • Business who use IT systems of any kind, hold confidential data or customer information
  • Businesses who don’t want lawsuits from clients, when data has been stolen
  • Businesses who have fallen victim to an attack and don’t want to wait for the next attack
  • Businesses who must comply to Industrial and/or Government Compliance regulations
  • Businesses who have heard that competitors already had to face a Cyber attack
  • Businesses who understand that pro-active security is a lot cheaper than re-active security.

Wireless Security Audit Offerings

We offer different Wireless Security Audit Services:

  • Wireless Authentication & Enryption Attack Testing
    We will try to break into Wireless Access Points by performing Ethical Hacking against common security methods such as MAC authentication, WEP, WPA and WPA-2. The goal of this audit is to break into a wireless network in order to gain access to the network.
  • Wireless Man-in-the Middle Attack Testing
    In this audit we will set up rogue and fake Access Points, waiting for users to connect in order to capture all activities they perform. Social Engineering techniques will also be employed, such as redirecting users to a fake webpage forcing them to re-enter the pre-shared key. Additionally we perform tests around redirecting users in order to capture online activities such as phone calls.
  • Wireless DDoS Attack Testing
    In this audit, we are attempting to bring the wireless network to a complete hold by either jamming the wireless spectrum or overloading the Access Points, so legitimate users can’t be served any longer.
  • Bluetooth Attack Testing
    We evaluate every security aspect of Bluetooth Networking in order to gain control over bluetooth devices, intercept calls (i.e. BT handset to BT earpiece) or render Bluetooth services temporarily unavailable.

How often should you get a Wireless Security Audit?

Security is a never ending process, as IT technologies and attack methods constantly evolve. Dependent on the nature of your business and threat level towards your vertical market, we advice on a 2 – 4 times a year recurrence cycle.

How is the Service charged? 

We charge based on the number of Wireless Access Points / Wireless Networks. Please contact us and we will provide you with a free consultation call. 

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