There are a number of considerations that can affect a smooth deployment of new network technologies and therefore user satisfaction. We always have the right solution for you, no matter how little or how much support you need.

Assessment (Discovery) Services

Every project starts with an accurate assessment of the current situation. This is the baseline for every business outcomes conversation and subsequent solutions design. We recommend performing such an assessment before investing into a business outcomes workshop involving all key stakeholders of the company.

Solutions Design

This service provides the conceptual design of one or more proposed solutions outlining estimated costs, benefits and risks. Once the preferred solution has been selected, we will provide a detailed design including implementation and migration scenarios.


This service is designed to build a fully functional prototype in order to validate all aspects of the design before moving to a rollout of the solution. Even with a lesser amount of customization. It is highly recommended to include this phase into every digital transformation project to ensure a smooth implementation.


Our experts will have developed detailed design and migration plans including performance and scalability requirements, security considerations, and programmability and automation as part of the design phase. In this phase, our experts are available to manage the whole project and to deploy all or parts of your new or updated data center(s).

Mentored Install

This service consists of one or more on-site design and deployment workshops including related knowledge transfer and additional mentoring once the workshops have been completed. The purpose of these workshops is to help you deploy solutions with expert assistance in a controlled and mentored environment, thus optimizing your investment in technology, time to deploy and effectiveness of the implementation.

Expert 4 Hire

Fast Lane experts are here to support critical parts of your solution design and deployment. This includes Solution Architects (SA) and Field Engineers (FE) trained in designing and deploying a variety of solutions. Whatever the gap, we apply deep experience and passion to help you design, deploy and operate the solution(s) being best suited for your business.

Fast Lane will provide resource(s) to perform various mutually agreeable E4H services for your company. Resource(s) will operate under your daily direction and are provided on a Time and Materials basis. Fast Lane resources typically provide the following types of E4H services:

  • Assessment / Audit
  • Best Practices Guidance
  • Plan / Design
  • Implementation
  • Mentoring/Coaching/Shadowing (including Mentored Install)
  • Optimization
  • Prototyping
  • Knowledge Transfer & Documentation  

Adoption Services

The famous line “if you build it, they will come” does not always apply for IT solutions. There is no point in investing a lot of time and money into solutions that are not appreciated and embraced by your end users.

New technologies and solutions should enable users to be more productive and should change the way that people work together. This depends heavily on end user adoption based on positive user experience. Our adoption services will help you to develop suitable utilization strategies in order to maximize your return on investment.